Refreshing Foot Soak DIY

Treat yourself to this refreshing foot soak, to relax your feet after a hard day and prevent and/or treat from fungal infections.

Earwax plug from the ear after applying oil to it and washing it through!

Ear Irrigation At Home

Flush your ears and get your hearing back. It is a nasty feeling when you cannot hear on one or both ears. Step by step instructions.


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Nervous System Tonic DIY

Reduce stress, anxiety, inability to sleep, mood irritation and provides calming effect on a nervous system. Sedative.

Contrast showers increases energy, keeps you alert, strengths heart, increase circulation and more.

Contrast Showers For A Stronger Health

– One more secret to a strong health… – Just this last winter I went with my friends to banya (somewhat like sauna). After banya I felt like my whole body began breathing again, I felt how every pore of mine was gulping the air. After doing my research on the benefits it brings to […]