Welcome to my notes on how to stay healthy! I started this webpage as my journal so I could keep all the remedies together and now I am privileged to help you my friend with what once helped me!


It also works perfect on any other glass surfaces such as glass tables, windows, mirrors, ceramics, chromes, countertops, or anything that needs to stay shiny!!!

DIY Glass Cleaner – Grime, Calcium, Fog, Streaks

My glass shower door stays clean for about a month or so until I have to use this DIY Glass Cleaner again! Water just slides from the glass after this cleaner is applied!

Earwax plug from the ear after applying oil to it and washing it through!

Ear Irrigation At Home

Flush your ears and get your hearing back. It is a nasty feeling when you cannot hear on one or both ears. Step by step instructions.