Infused Garlic Oil Treats Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Ear Infection In Children/Babies/Adults

I try to stay away from antibiotics as much as possible, and believe that nature provides us with better antibiotics then the ones people make. So going to see the doctor every time my child had an earache was not an option for me. After a lot of researching I found this method to be the most helpful for us, it brought relief fast. This also works the same on adults as on children!

Possible causes for ear infection: 

  • Stuffy nose. When my son was younger, if I wouldn’t treat his stuffy nose right away he would develop an ear infection/earache.
  • Cold wind blowing into the child’s ears, especially when he/she would go outside right after bathing/showering.
  • After bathing or showering. If water got into child’s ear canal and just stayed there. Water that remains in the ear after bathing/showering, creates a moist environment that aids bacterial growth also called a swimmers ear.

Treating ear infections without antibiotics is possible; it is a proven fact!

How to check if your baby/child has an earache:

  • By gently pressing near the front of the tragus (pointy part made of cartilage, besides the ear canal on the exterior part of the ear). First picture*
  • Pull on the ear gently. Second picture*
  • To gently move the whole ear to the front, towards the ear canal, bending/folding it forward. Third picture*

While checking, pay very close attention to how your infant/baby reacts to it. Then use your moms instincts, it is mostly always right! If baby cries instantly it is possible that his/her ear hurts.

Signs babies would show with ear infection:

  • Babies would usually cry from pain while you gently press, pull, bend on the ear.
  • Babies tent to pull on their ear, or touch the ear constantly while being fussy.
  • He/she might or might not cry depends on the individuals pain tolerance, and the severity of the ear infection. 
  • Pay close attention to the signs and how baby is acting.
  • The earlier you notice and treat an earache, the better, faster result you would get.
  • The consequences of untreated ear infection may even cause hearing loss. Be careful.

I am using this remedy on my kids every time their ear is in pain and every time I get positive results from it. Praise the Lord, I never had to give them antibiotics to help with earaches/ear infections as one of the risks are: returning of symptoms. This is the remedy that fights ear infections naturally.

*If after trying the infused garlic oil remedy you didn’t experience any relief, then it’s best for you to take your child to a doctor.  


Ingredients needed to made a garlic diffused oil to fight ear infections in kids or adults.

*You may substitute the Organic Virgin Olive Oil to any other vegetable oil. 

Things To Have:

  • Glass Dropper
  • Stainless Steel Spoon or (any small dish as you don’t need to make a lot of it at once)
  • Bowl with hot water
  • Washcloth(warmed in hot water)
  • Cotton balls 2-3 pieces
  • Hairband or hat (to cover ears with, for sometime, to keep them warm)
  • Tea spoon(optional) *I just pour oil approximately without measuring.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

How To:

Here is an example of a dish/cup I used when I had to make more oil than what’s in the spoon. (Fun Fact: Happened to be that this is such an antique cup “Vintage item from the 1970s” I could barely find one like this online.) It is so durable that I place it right on top of the stove with minced garlic and oil and it handles the heat. 🙂

*Use whatever dish you have on hand that would be safe to go on top of the stove and convenient for you to use.

  • Hold it right above the stove, just slightly not touching the surface, and wait until it’s warm/hot. *Do not put it in a microwave as it will kill all the good qualities of garlic. 
  • Withdraw the oil (oil only, without garlic pieces) with a dropper and squeeze out about half of a dropper into the ear canal. *I did this for two ears, one after another, even when only one ear ached, just to be safe.
  • Soak washcloth in a very warm to hot water, squeeze the excess water out and apply it over the ear.

*Wet warmth over dry warmth: I read that wet warmth is much more effective verses dry warmth such as hot water bottle over the ear. It relieves pain quicker.

  • Do one ear at a time.
  • Hold wet, warm washcloth for about 15 minutes on each ear. *During that time your child may watch a cartoon to get him/her distracted, or sleep! (If it is early in the morning perhaps?) ☺️
  • Apply wet, warm washcloth for 15 minutes on each ear (do one ear at the time).
  • After wet, warm washcloth, close the ear canal with a cotton ball righ away. Cotton ball needs to be the size of the ear canal not smaller so it’s not lost inside the ear. 
  • On top of that, put in a bigger cotton ball to cover to cover bigger area of an ear. 
  • Put a hat or a headband on a child (something to keep ears warm).

How often:

Do this 2-3 times a day. Even if you think the earache is gone, repeat this procedure for couple more times, to make sure the infection is gone all the way. I had times where I only had to do this once on a child and the child got well. Other times I had to apply this four to five times on the child before it helped.

Quick help in the early stage of an earache:

If earache just started dip a small cotton ball into Isopropyl Alcohol, or vodka and put it inside the ear, far enough where you can get it out. It warms up the ear and helps pain to disappear instantly. That might not always help though.

Why to stay away from antibiotics:

The infection may easily come back after antibiotics. It also kills all the good bacteria in the intestines. If you did have to give your child an antibiotics, it’s a good idea to give him/her probiotics afterwards to keep the balance.

My Experience:

My six-month-old child woke up one day at 4:00am screaming and pulling on his ear. He was screaming loud from pain. I knew right away that he got an ear infection, because every time I would touch his ear, especially if I would bend it forward, he would scream even louder. I rushed to make that garlic oil, applied wet, warm washcloth afterwards, and he peacefully fell asleep within 5 minutes, still in my arms. From then I was always using this remedy to save my kids from antibiotics and expensive doctors visits!

*This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using it, also if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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  1. Hi Lena,

    I’m glad I came across your blog. Do I have to put a wet washcloth over the ear or it it ok to just put the cotton ball over the ear after the oil?

    Also, I was told that dry heat is best for ears. My mother-in-law’s remedy for ear aches is to heat salt in a dry skillet and pour it into a clean sock, tie it off and put it on the ear for as long as possible.

    I tried this and it works too.


    1. Hi Marina,

      If it is more convenient for you, you may put a cotton ball in the ear first and then apply the wet, warm washcloth on top. I do it both ways. I personally like when wet, warm washcloth is applied straight to the open ear without cotton ball in it.

      Yes, dry heat will work also but as I found out from the book and experience, wet heat acts faster in relieving the ear infection for some reason.

      Thank you for visiting my page, and Stay Healthy!❤️❤️❤️😊


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