Sanguinarian Mouth Wash

Bloodroot/Sanguinarian Root Is A Proven Plaque/Tartar-Killing Herb!

Unfortunately brushing and flossing our teeth alone just don’t guarantee us having healthy teeth! When teeth begin to rot, the only option dentists are giving us is to fill the cavity with a filling (which may contain poisonous mercury). There is a big health risk getting those kinds of fillings not talking about how much it costs. Luckily here is another way out. We don’t need to be dependent on dentists!

This mouthwash is very quick to make, if all the ingredients are ready and it is ready to use in just 2 weeks. The formula is very effective in preventing teeth from plaque (clear layer of bacteria on the surface of a tooth) and tartar(mineral buildup that’s fairly easy to see at the gumline, yellow or brown in color). The rinse is free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Mint freshens your breath and Myrrh heals mouth sores. The taste of it is a bit bitter, therefore you may want to add something sweet to it such as stevia (optional). I personally don’t add any sweeteners and even my kiddos use this rinse!


  • Canning Jar with a tightly closing lid (I used quart of a gallon jar)
  • Plastic wrap (to go under the jar for a tighter closure)
  • Kitchen scissors (to cut Bloodroot/Sanguinaria Root into about 1 to 1/2 cm. long pieces)
  • Pen/Paper/Tape (for time/date to put on a canning jar)
  • Table spoon for measuring (herbs)
  • 1 cup for measuring (vodka)


  • Bloodroot/Sanguinaria Root – 1 heaped Tbsp (as much as it can scoop)
  • Peppermint leaves (dried) – 4 heaped Tbsp (as much as it can scoop)
  • Myrrh (the size of peas) – 1/2 Tbsp
  • Vodka – 1 1/2 cups

How to make:

Break Bloodroot/Sanguinaria Root into small pieces of about 1 centimeters long.

Put all the ingredients into a glass jar.

Put a small piece of plastic wrap on the jar and close it with the lid. *It will prevent leakage during the shaking process and will keep the lid on the jar from rusting.

Tighten the jar tight and shake very well.

Put the name and date on the jar.

Place it in a dark place where you would remember to shake it every day for 14 days/2 weeks. (I sometimes shake it twice a day if I remember for better results.)

**If it happened that you need to go on a vacation and cannot shake it for couple days, not a big deal, it will still be effective to use.

After 14 days/2 weeks passed

Supplies – after 14 days:

  • Cheesecloth/clean cotton cloth
  • 1 cup for measuring
  • Funnel
  • Label/Tape (mine says “Sanguinarian Mouth Wash”)
  • Wide mouth jar-half a gallon (for easier straining)
  • Bottle (where to keep “done” mouth wash)

Ingredients – after 2 weeks:

  • Water (Steam Distilled Water for best results) – 2 and 1/4 cups
  • Peppermint/Spearmint essential oils (4-6 drops of each for the smell)

How to make:

Strain it through couple of layers of cheesecloth or one layer of a clean cotton cloth into the wide mouth jar. (I cut mine out of a pillow case that I did not use anymore)

*I prefer clean cotton cloth over cheesecloth because it separates solid better from liquid.

Carefully twist the cheesecloth/clean cotton cloth into the jar to get the remaining liquids out, making sure that no pieces falls into the jar.

Add 2-1/4 cups of distilled water so the total amount would add up to 3-3/4 cups.

Add 4-6 drops of peppermint and/or spearmint essential oil into the tincture to make the taste of mint stronger. (I do both)

Shake the jar well and pour it into the bottle where you would keep it and use it from.

How to Use:

Keep it in a glass jar/bottle with a tightly closed lid in a dark, cool place. Rinse mouth/teeth everyday with about 1-2 tablespoons of this tincture for minimum of one minute (two minutes best) and spit out. Rinse after every time you brush your teeth. Do not eat or drink after the rinse for 30 minutes minimum.


Swish this rinse in the mouth every hour through out the day for about 2 minutes.

This rinse also takes away tooth ache during the healing process. My 5-year-old son’s abscess went away after three days of rinsing it and holding a cotton ball soaked in the solution on the effected gum over the night. His abscess was on his front tooth. Be careful using the cotton ball on a child especially if it is the back tooth, since there is a risk of swallowing it accidentally. You may also hold the soaked cotton ball against affected area during the day as well, for as long as you want, and as often as you can for even faster healing. The more often this rinse will get in touch with the abscess the faster the healing process with take.

Another good recipe that you might want to visit on how to save a tooth if there is an abscess is at the Tooth Abscess Heals Naturally link.

Reason and Solution for tooth decay:

The main reason teeth go bad is the plaque (clear layer of bacteria on the surface of a tooth). If we will not clean teeth from plaque, plaque will develop into tartar (yellow/blown hard minerals). Tooth decay (rot), cavities and inflamed gums is a proof that the plaque is working on destroying teeth and gums.

If we keep our teeth free of plaque we will eliminate teeth problems such as decays, cavities, tartar and inflamed gums.

This rinse is simple and cheap method in keeping teeth and gums healthy and free of plaque.

*If there is a cavity in a tooth try rinsing with Sanguinarian Mouth Wash and drinking the Cavity Healing Tea. The cavity may heal on its own after drinking the tea and rinsing with this solution! (If the cavity is small enough.)

*If you know that you are or might be sensitive to any of the herbs above please don’t use this rinse, and consult your PCP. 🙂

Resource: “Cleansing or Surgery” book by Pastor Paul Revere.

    1. Hello Jay, my pleasure! It looks like small rocks, has yellowish color and comes in different shapes with different angles. In other words, it’s not perfectly round like peas are. I believe it comes in gum/resin form😊. Good Luck!


  1. Hi, How many percent alcohol is your vodka. Is vodka or other type of liquor?
    I used to make chinese herbs after baby delivery using 38% rice wine for drinking. The chinese doctor said the longer the tincture soaked in wine the better outcome.

    Is it the same as this tincture?
    Have you ever tried sage extract tincture? I read online it is against plaque too.

    Now I use sage extract while I wait for this tincture to be ready to use.

    What kind of toothpaste do you use?
    I try Japan nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste. Apadent has sage extract for gum.

    Btw I bought ascended health extra strength toothpaste and the tooth oil. It does not help my toothache. They just stated they always changed their formula so the microbes does not get use to the toothpaste.

    Thank you.


    1. Hello there,
      I use 40% alcohol vodka. I never used rice wine for tinctures but that’s very interesting to know!
      I am not sure if you could use 38% rice wine for this tincture, as I’ve never done that.
      I have never tried sage extract tincture, interesting!

      Tooth Paste that I use: 1/2 parts Baking Soda, 1/2 parts Salt, 1/4 part Charcoal (I make my own as I don’t trust all the big names under “ingredients” section from store bought tooth paste). It whitens teeth, kills gum bacteria, heals any sores if any in the mouth, makes your teeth and gums stronger overall. It also is way cheaper!

      Never tried that toothpaste you mentioned. 🙂


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