Amber rock helps babies with teething. It relieves discomfort and takes away pain.

Amber Rock for Teething

Natural Teether-Amber Rock

Amber Rock alleviates gum soreness, pain and discomfort, excessive drooling and the resulting rashes, inflammation/swelling, red cheeks, trouble sleeping and feeding.

Amber Rock is a rock that is getting mined at the Baltic Amber Mines from Baltic Sea. Amber Rock is naturally occurring, naturally growing, fossilized tree resin (smoothed), believed to be a pain reliever with healing properties. It is totally safe and carries no known harmful side effects; verses drugs and other store-bought teething relievers that are packed with chemicals and introduce unnatural, artificial substances in your baby’s small, sensitive body.

How to choose the right necklace/bracelet/anklet:

Be careful when choosing an amber rock as some may be made of pressed amber, copal or even fake.

Measure baby’s neck and then add 2-3 finger gap for a good fit.

Make sure that it is made of durable and flexible/stretchy nylon that is very hard to break in case they tug/pull on it (they usually all are).


Bracelet/anklet is one that is safer for the baby to wear since it is not on the neck, and prevents choking hazard. It has been noticed to have even better results when two are worn, one on each ankle or one on each wrist.

When it is worn on an ankle you may also tuck it into his/her sock to prevent baby from tugging at it and to maximize the result since the amber rock in a closer contact to the skin that way. *Make sure that the sock is not too tight though not to cause pressure and discomfort for your little one.

I would not recommend putting a necklace on an infant since he/she is mostly in a laying position and may feel it against his/her tiny, little neck.

I wear Amber Rock necklace on my one-year-old mostly during the day when I can see him, and rarely do at night. I do consider in buying a bracelet/anklet for him as well.

My Experience:

Wearing this necklace on my one-year-old sure makes a difference when he is teething. One morning I remember he was sitting on the floor crying, drooling, was not interested in anything with his four fingers in his mouth. After putting the Amber Rock necklace on him it took about 1-2 minutes for him to stop crying. Next thing I saw, is him playing with the toy, like nothing ever happened just couple minutes earlier! It helps right away!

After researching into it more I can say with confidence that there is such a rock out there that can take away inflammation pain including teething in babies, and it is the Amber Rock! It is such a blessing to know about this simple, chemical free method that helps so fast at relieving teething pain!

*Use it at your own risk.

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