Oregano oil is an effective treatment for cold and flu.

Oregano for Cold/Flu

Improves immune system and kills infections!

My first time I heard about benefits of Oregano oil was throught my husband who got information from his coworker Steve. Steve shared a sample of it with us and it got me interested! This oil really helps fighting cold/flu symptoms. I always have Oregano oil on hand now and at the first signs of cold/flu symptoms always use it!


Oregano oil has powerful bacteria and fungi killing properties, as well as being used as a painkiller and is anti-inflammatory.


  • 100% Pure Oregano Oil
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (prefered)

*Coconut Oil will not work in this case as it is not in a liquid form once it’s at a room temperature.


  • Glass dropper bottle (1 oz hospital grade)


*Most any herbal store would have a glass dropper bottle and a 100% Pure Oregano Oil for sale.

How to Dilute:

Put about 1/3 of Oregano Oil into a dropper bottle, then fill it with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to just below the bend in the neck. Gently shake. Let sit about an hour.

*If you still feel that it is too potent, dilute it even more with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Dilute it as much as you can handle to hold it under your tongue for 5-10 seconds.

How to Use:

*It is a good idea to first put one drop of this diluted oil under the tongue to see how it feels, after you diluted it. 

At the first symptoms of getting sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, or anything that would make you feel under the weather put 4-8 drops under your tongue, let it sit there for about 5-10 seconds, then swallow it. You may also wash it down with about 2 oz. of water (optional). This is the perfect mixture to take internally. Oregano oil is safe to use as long as it’s diluted with a carrier oil. When putting drops under the tongue it is the most effective way for Oregano to get into the system verses taking capsules.

My Experience:

This is such a fast method to feel better or even well all the way, I am loving it! If someone in my family is sick I take these drops as a preventative care to not get sick. If I am beginning to feel under the weather I take these drops and it had been working very effectively for me and my family! Especially at the first signs and symptoms of cold/flu.

At the first sign of sore throat I also use these drops under my tongue. I remember how I began feeling a sore throat in the middle of the night. I was so lazy to get up and gargle with soda/salt solution, plus that the water needed to be boiled to prepare that one, but sure understood that if I won’t do anything to it right then I would be in a big trouble in the morning. So I put about 1/4th of a dropper under my tongue, and yes it did sting! Rather then swallowing it fast I tried to hold it as long as I could under my tongue first, then at the throat area, then swallowed it. When I woke up in the morning my throat did not hurt anymore!

Sometimes you need to use it 4-5 times a day if not more. It depends at what stage of illness you are in.

This diluted Oregano oil is a “must have” in anyones first aid kit!


Do not dilute oregano oil in water as oil does not mix with water and you have a chance of swallowing an unmixed drop of oil. It may burn your insides. A good friend of mine told me a story how she tried to dilute it in water one day and drank it afterwards. She could barely breathe she told me. So be safe and stay healthy with this miraculously healing Godly given herb!

Dilute it even more if you wish to give it to your kids. I would say in a ratio of 1 drop of Oregano Oil to 10 drops of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Try it yourself first before giving it to your little ones.

**Personal intolerance to oregano oil. 

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