Vitamin C Smoothie

Supports immune health very effectively!


  • Cranberries 3, 1/2 cups (fresh or frozen)
  • Organic Lemons – 2 (with lemon zest)
  • Organic Orange – 2 (with orange zest)
  • Ginger – 1/2 cup (cut into small pieces)
  • Raw honey – 1, 1/2 cups (liquid form)


How to make:


Rinse cranberries if fresh, or if frozen thaw them inside the mesh in the cold water. Let them thaw while you will be working on getting all the other ingredients ready to put in the blender.


Wash lemons and oranges thoroughly. Take off their zest with a peeling knife all the way. Try not to cut off the white stuff (pericarp) together with the zest.


Clean lemons and oranges from pericarp (soft, white stuff) and separate into sections.


Wash ginger, peel, and cut into small pieces. (If not cut into smaller pieces you may feel the strings from it after blending everything together.) I measured ginger in a cup when it was already cut to make 1/2 cups.


Measure the honey.

Put all prepared ingredients (cranberry, lemons and oranges, zest, ginger, honey) in the blender.


Blend well until everything is nice and smooth.


  • Vitamin C Smoothie can stay fresh inside the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
  • Keep it in a glass jar with a tightly closed lid.
  • Take 1-2 tablespoons throughout the day, preferably before meals or between meals. The taste is sour, bitter/sweet.
  • It is a good idea to take out a small portion of it from the refrigerator and into a small bowl. That way it will stay at room temperature without going bad and will be a good reminder to take a spoonful throughout the day.


Helps fight off cold/flu symptoms fast! Very effective from UTI/bladder infections as well. Boosts immune system in general.

Quality of ginger “a circulatory herb”

Increases circulation and is a carrier herb. This means that if taken ginger with other herbs or ingredients, it increases their effectiveness.


Who is on blood thinning medicine use with caution since ginger is a blood thinning herb.

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