Glass of pure drinking water. Remember to drink your water.

Benefits of Drinking Water


Water is the first immune booster we have that is everywhere and is free! It prevents us from getting sick if we drink enough of it and keeps our bodies alkaline.

Those of you whose weight fluctuates all the times, who feels weak, irritated, and helpless just start drinking water. That’s how our body is telling us it’s in need of water!

Keep one gallon/jug of water on the table counter in your kitchen every day, that way it will remind you to drink a glass every few hours. Mine looks like this. You can think of your own quotes that would inspire you! *I found this idea on Pinterest.

*I bought my glassware set here – Libbey 2212 Bravura Curved 16.75 Ounce Tumbler Glass – 12 / CS

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. The very first thing in the morning after getting up from bed, drink two glasses of warm water. Body observes warm water way better then cold. *Start with only one glass it you can’t two.
  2. Drink within 30 minutes from getting out of bed. That flushes all the bad stuff your body stored over night.
  3. Water needs to be filtered/clean water. *I use Enagic, Kangen Water filter.
  4. In the morning, it’s very beneficial to dilute a pinch of unbleached salt in a glass of water.  Enough that you won’t taste it, if you taste the salt you did put too much. Avoid white table salt. Good choice to go with is Himalayan pink salt or unbleached sea salt.
  5. Drink a glass of water every two hours through out the day.
  6. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal and do not drink water for 30 minutes after the meal. It will help the digestion process to work better in your body.
  7. Do not drink water in the middle of your meal! It will dilute your stomach’s reservoir of hydrochloric acid, which is essential to break down food properly.
  8. Drink a glass of water right before bed time to prepare your body for a long night. The most dehydration happens is over night. (Thats why we need to drink 2 glasses in the morning.)
  9. Do not count coffee, tea, juice, sweetened water, sodas and any other beverages that didn’t get mentioned as part of the water intake.  They don’t bring the same benefits as water does. Some beverages works vice versa, it dehydrates your body rather then hydrates it (coffee, soda, caffeinated tea).

P.S. After the research I’ve made on soda drinks, and what companies had been putting in the ingredients, it’s best not to drink it at all! If you are a coffee drinker, drink only real coffee that is made from coffee beans, the rest is junk. It even works the other way around, you usually get sleepy after drinking it at night.

Get Inspired:

Inspire your self to drink! Think of a buddy who can join you in this challenge. It may be your husband or a sibling or a friend, anyone you would feel motivated with. If you haven’t practiced drinking that much water a day before, you need to start gradually. First day you probably won’t be able to drink a whole gallon. Next day you may get closer to drinking it all! Your body needs to get used to drinking enough water!


Do not drink too much water all at once, be careful, since drinking too much water at once may get you dizzy and may flush the calcium, proteins and other good minerals out of the body. The secret about drinking so much, is to do this through out the day. I break it by hours and drink a glass every two hours.

Interesting facts from “Your Body’s many cries for WATER” book:

*You may order yours by clicking here Your Body’s Many Cries for Water and help support this website. Thank you.

Humans body is composed of 25% of solid matter and 75% of water. Brain tissue is said to consist of 85% of water.

Unfortunately, today, people think that “dry mouth” is the only sign of dehydration body sends us. Actually “dry mouth” is the last external sign of extreme dehydration our body sends us. Drink before you are feeling thirsty, that way you can prevent so much “untreatable” conditions! If you already sense “dry mouth” know that your body is already in “crisis” stage of being dehydrated!

Your body has been always telling you that it is dehydrated before whenever you felt weak, angry, depressed, had a headache, muscle ache, constipation, you name it! What is more shocking is that whenever there is a chronic diseases such as heartburn (GERD), varicose veins, diabetes, asthma, allergy and many more that todays medicine call “irreversible/incurable”, it is your body crying for help in need of water!

Todays treatments are only relieving pain or making it less severe without dealing with the underlying cause, but none seem to be curative (except for bacterial infections and the use of antibiotics). For example, hypertension is not generally cured; it is treated during the lifetime of a person. Asthma is not cured; inhalers are the constant companions of the afflicted. Peptic ulcer is not cured; antacids have to be nearby all the time. Allergies are not cured; the victim is always dependent on medication. Arthritis is not cured; it eventually cripples; and so on. Being persistently dehydrated causes all sorts of damage to our body. The good news is that we all can prevent those “irreversible” conditions from happening to our bodies!

According to Dr. Batmanghelidjs book there are three stages of water regulation of our body in the different phases of life:

1. Stage of life of a fetus in the uterus of the mother:

During this stage, when infants and toddlers, the body is way more thirst sensitive then in phase two starting from about 18-25 years of age. (Morning sickness is the signal that both the fetus and the mother are dehydrated. During the intrauterine stage of cell expansion, water for cell growth of the child has to be provided by the mother, so drink more!)

2. Phase of growth until full height and width is achieved (approximately between the ages of 18 to 25):

During this stage we are thirst sensitive but not as much anymore unfortunately as we were when we were infants and toddlers.

3. Phase of life from fully grown to the end of the life:

The older we get the less thirst sensitive we are. We just need to remember and take that accountability to drink water!


In a most dehydrated person during the act of chewing and swallowing food, saliva is still produced. So whoever thinks that if you have saliva you are hydrated it’s not true!

The water we drink will keep the cell volume balanced and the salt we take will maintain the volume of water that is held outside the cells and in circulation.

It is odd thinking about it but whenever you get edema (water retention), you are just dehydrated. We need to put more water in our bodies to get rid of the water that got retained inside of us!? Interesting!…


“Your body’s many cries for WATER” (You’re Not Sick; You’re Thirsty Don’t Treat Thirst with Medication) written by Doctor F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

*You may order a copy for yourself here Your Body’s Many Cries for Water (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases) Thank you.

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